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    Alpha Electronic Systems Ltd. is company specialized developing custom software solutions. We have long-standing experience implementing custom software in different companies with different industries. Take a look at our products:

TRANZIT© – software system for transport and logistic companies.

TRANZIT©  is suitable for large companies with branched offices around the world as well as small companies with up to 5 employees thanks to its design and functionality.

TRANZIT  is constantly improving thanks to feedback from our clients. Some of the key strengths of the platform are:

  • Built in high availability rich functionality.
  • Real time synchronization between branches.
  • Role or user defined access control.
  • Customizable user interface.
  • Complex shipments, assemblings, circles.
  • Offers, orders, invoices, payments from and to partners.
  • Extensive reports, analysis, profit.
  • Multilanguage documents support.
  • Document management.
  • KPI.
  • Online payments.
  • And more than 400 more...

TAXINAVIGATOR© – call center for taxi companies.

   TAXINAVIGATOR© is modern software platform for managing taxi companies. Including rich functionality related to placing an order, orders handling - all from client call to delivery to desired address. The platform is based on proven modern technologies as GPS for positioning, 3G/LTE for mobile communications to cutting edge Web 2.0 technologies. As the platform is modular it is suitable for large companies, operating in cities with heavy traffic and high order load and small companies with lower demands. TAXINAVIGATOR© allows for fluent integration of voice channel radio communication with GPS driven system and is able to manage both cabs with radio and cabs with tablets/GPS thus lowering investment requirements. The system supports vast majority of tablets and smartphones from major manufacturers from the box. Sophisticated algorithms are in place to allow fair choosing for cab as well as navigating for taxi driver to client address to minimize client "wait time" and improving client service. There are build in mechanism to strictly control quality of service.

Some of system key characteristics are:
  • Shortens the time for order to be proceed (from client call to take off) up to 50% compared to conventional methods.
  • Possibility to use wide variety of tablets and manufacturers.
  • Leads to evenly distributed cars throughout the city/region.
  • Possibility to implement vast variety of taxi choosing criteria
  • Possibility to implement consequently or competitive orders offer
  • Possibility to implement regional criteria for ordering cabs
  • Grouping cabs by type and or search by type/group.
  • Built in tracking/navigation tool for taxi drivers to visualize client address.
  • Different norm for completing order based on criteria for choosing cab.
  • Keeps track of time for completing order as well as automatic sanction mechanism for delays.
  • Showing advertising clips when client is in the car.
  • Makes possible to track individual cab route.
  • Online based orders with real time status tracking for clients.
  • Possibility for mobile device with GPS to place online order with current position.
  • Can serve cabs in mixed GPS/voice environment.
  • SMS notifications for clients.
  • Internet access for taxi drivers.