TAXINAVIGATOR© is a modern solution aimed at management of taxi companies activities. It consists of wild range of services related to reception and processing of taxi orders from the client call up till client reaches his/her desired destination. System is based on latest innovative technologies in the area global positioning system, 3G mobile communications. It is suitable for small and large settlements with heavy traffic. It combines both GPS tablets and conventional radio station operating cabs. The system can incorporate wild variety of tablets and smartphones by different manufactures without need of additional modifications to be applied. Specialized algorithms, selectively defining the most suitable cab for each order, as well as accurate navigation to the exact address, lowers the request handling time. The control mechanism integrated into the system allows accurate monitoring of the taxi service.

Orders step-by-step

Key characteristics of the system:
  • Shortens the time for order to be proceed (from client call to take off) up to 50% compared to conventional methods.
  • Possibility to use wide variety of tablets and manufacturers..
  • Leads to evenly distributed cars throughout the city/region.
  • Possibility to implement vast variety of taxi choosing criteria
  • Possibility to implement consequently or competitive orders offer
  • Possibility to implement regional criteria for ordering cabs
  • Grouping cabs by type and or search by type/group.
  • Built in tracking/navigation tool for taxi drivers to visualize client address
  • Different norm for completing order based on criteria for choosing cab.
  • Keeps track of time for completing order as well as automatic sanction mechanism for delays
  • Showing advertising clips when client is in the car
  • Makes possible to track individual cab route
  • Online based orders with real time status tracking for clients
  • Possibility for mobile device with GPS to place online order with current position
  • Can serve cabs in mixed GPS/voice environment
  • SMS notifications for clients
  • Mobile internet in cabs

System structure:

Call center (TAXINAVIGATOR©)

Taxinavigator covers PBX communications, TN server, client workstations for dispatchers, phone sets. Call center handles serving orders from PBX or Internet as well as client notification for arriving cab.

Key functions for the call center:
  • Collects incoming orders and client address recording and/or matching from list;
  • Collects client address from GPS coordinates
  • Transfers address to GPS system
  • Delivering address to voice cabs
  • Notifying client for arriving taxi
  • Taxi management system taxi ratings, punishments, restrictions
  • Detailed reports and statistics

The system can use address-map matching table for every populated area. Each address contains GPS coordinates. PBX is server controlled so every incoming or outgoing call is handled by TAXINAVIGATOR. Operators count highly depends of voice orders. Each operator can handle up to 250 orders/hour.


Consists of server and communication equipment, connected to the mobile operator, supplier of the data transmit ion service. Throu that network the tablets send and receive data from and to the GPS server. The GPS server trace the status and the location of each taxi. The GPS server is connected to the CALL CENTER and receives orders requests. The system looks for a suitable taxi for each order according to defined criterias. After such is located the address is sent to the taxi. The taxi driver can either accept or decline an order request. If the request is declined the order is sent to the next suitable taxi and so on.

After order request is accepted notification is sent to the call center and the order status is indicated on the dispatcher monitor.

GPS center main functionality:
  • Taxi status and location tracking
  • GPS taxi administration
  • Configuration of search criterias, settlement zoning
  • Accepting orders and searching for most suitable taxi for each one of them
  • Report generation for accomplished taxi tracks.
  • Report generation for taxi crossing throu each of the defined zones.
  • Communication means between dispatchers and taxi drivers.

End point devices for drivers

Each cab needs end point device (tablet) with built in 3G and GPS communication modules to use GPS system. The system supports vast variety of devices and manufacturers. Each device communicates trough private APN (or VPN if capable) with GPS server.

Key tablet functions:
  • Track each cab status
  • Tracks each cab location
  • Delivers and visualize client address
  • Navigates driver to client address
  • Notifies client for taxi arrivings
  • Shows advertising clips when client is in the car
  • Taxi location on map
  • Locations of all company taxies on map
  • Controlled internet access

Additional modules

Additional modules can be attached to the system according the user request.

SMS notification module
The client recieves SMS cosisting of car model, registration number, and time to arive of the taxi which has been accepted the order. This lowers the waiting time at the client address.

Online ordering module
Modeles which allowes ordering of taxi service via internet. The order is recorded directly into the call center module as a regular order made by phone. If GPS coordinates are provided by the order they are send directly to the GPS system without additional actions from the dispather side to be required.As for the clients placing order via smartphone device an address recognitiona and recoding widget is provided. Online ordering are particularly convinient for foreigners which are not accuentant with the local language and for institutions, used to place a lot of orders.

Call recording module
The calls between dispatcher and client can be recorded in order to increase the quality of the service.